Razor Components



The Razor Component Framework for ActionScript 3 is a lightweight, robust alternative to the most commonly used components in the Flex framework.

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    The framework was created with a number of goals in mind:

  • Filesize: The entire framework is a fraction of the size of the flex framework.
  • Flex independent: Does not require any flex-specific classes, and so can be used in AS3 only projects where filesize and speed is a concern.
  • Skinnable: Component design should be swappable and detached from the component logic.
  • Simple to use: The component API should be consistent and intuitive.

    Demo application, 92k (right click to view source):


    What controls are implemented?

    Accordion, Application, Box, Button, Calendar, CheckBox, ColorPicker, ColorSwatch, ComboBox, DateChooser, HBox, Image, Label, List, ProgressBar, RadioButton, RadioGroup, ScrollBar, TextArea, TextInput, VBox, ScrollArea, Pane.


    The framework is offered under the MIT license. Which basically means that it is free to use as long as any copies retain the copyright headers in the source code.

    Whats the latest version?

    The current version is v0.9.

    Where can I get it?!

    You can download the latest full package here.
    You can download the zipped swc only (without samples or documentation) here.
    You can download and/or fork the latest source from the main branch over on github.

    Where can I get help?

    On the forum.

    How do I create components?

    The framework needs to be initialized with a default stylesheet in order to work properly. You can do this with one line of code: Settings.setSkin(new PlasticStyleSheet()); Once this is done you can instantiate components with 'new Button()' for example. You can also use the ControlFactory class. Please take a look at the documentation for more examples.

    What is in the roadmap for the future?

    That entirely depends on you (yes you!).

    Can I use the components with Flex?

    Since the components don't extend UIComponent, you'll need to wrap them with the provided class, razor.adapters.flex.RazorFlexWrapper, or add them to the rawChildren property.

    Can I use the components with MXML?

    Yes, you can even use the razor.controls.Application class as a base for your application if you really want to. Then you would have a flex-independent MXML project. Documentation is forthcoming.

    Can I use the components with Flash CS3/4, etc?

    Not yet, unless you instantiate them with actionscript.