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In my new position at litl, we are using an extremely handy plugin for Eclipse and Flash Builder called Flex Formatter.

One of the cool things about the plugin is that you can set it up to automatically format when you save a file, so your code will always conform to your company's code style guidelines, and more importantly, look nice and consistent for other developers on your team.

You can export your formatting settings into a file that other developers can use so that everyone is using the same coding style. I've included my formatting properties file below, as it takes a little configuring to get everything to your liking.

You can download the plugin from this link, or you can use the URL below as an update site for Eclipse (In Flash Builder, go to the Help menu, then Software updates...):


My formatting properties file.

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  1. Lennard Says:

    Are there any examples of your Razor components being used with Flashpunk?

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